Watering Instructions for Trees

Watering trees takes time, effort, and an incredibly large amount of water; they are some very thirsty organisms. For the first three weeks, they will require soil that is constantly soaked (not enough to be muddy). You should be watering your trees daily at this stage, or at the very least, checking the soil to ensure it is still moist. What is most important at this stage is ensuring the soil doesn’t dry out, this ensures a continuous growth for the root system, meaning your tree will be ready to grow on its own sooner! After the first three weeks, and for the next six months, you will want to give your tree a heavy watering (soaked, not muddy) once or twice per week. After this six-month period, and for the rest of the first year of your tree’s life, you should give your tree a soaking at least once every other week.

First Three Weeks

-Ensure the soil at the base of your tree is moist, but not enough to be muddy. This will require daily watering and/or attention.

Three Weeks to Six Months

-Your tree will need a heavy watering once or twice per week, to ensure its root growth remains continuous. Again, the soil should be moist enough that you know its wet just by feeling it, but not moist enough that its muddy.

Six Months to One Year

-At this point your tree’s root system should be sufficiently developed that it won’t require daily or weekly attention. However, for the remainder of the first year, you should still give your tree a good soaking (moist, not muddy) at least once every other week

One Year and Beyond

-If you’ve made it this far and your tree is alive and well then it must truly be loved. At this point, your tree should have a strong root system to support its growth throughout the rest of its life. However, during periods of time where there is little to no rain for months at a time, your tree will depend on you and your garden hose for the water it so desperately needs. Regardless of rain conditions, your tree will benefit immensely from a good watering once a month.


-A general rule of thumb for watering trees is to give them 10 gallons per 1.5 inches in diameter. This is a very general rule of thumb though and you should still ensure the soil around your tree isn’t muddy.

-Water at the base of your new tree and use light to medium water pressure so your soil doesn’t wash away and expose the root system.

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