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Commercial Landscape Management

We offer nearly all services required to improve or maintain the functionality and appearance of your property’s grounds.  Our licensed professionals can spot, diagnose, and treat abiotic or biotic problems with your outdoor space before they become irreversible.  We’ll come up with a plan that fits your properties needs and budget, while informing you of any changes needed to keep your property looking and feeling healthy.  Our services include but are not limited to:


Custom Landscape Management Plans

Knowing that every property has specific needs and budgets, we will come up with a plan that is right for your property. Commercial/HOA Contact Form

Our professional team is eager to help make your property stand out! Below you will see a list of the most common services.


  • A complete mowing of all turf areas on property. Coupled with a trimming of all edges along pavement and garden beds and clean-up of any stray grass clippings.
  • Timing – Weekly (7-10 days). *This will depend on weather, ground saturation, and growth of the grass. As such, weekly schedules are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Turf Fertilization and Weed Control  

  • Our recommendation is: 5 rounds of fertilization/pre-emergent/weed control applications.  We can customize to fit your needs and budget.

Fertilizer Mixes and Timing:

1)     13-0-0 Dimension PE (Granular)

2)     Triplet General Herbicide (Liquid)

3)     25-0-4 ProGreen TF (Granular)

4)     Triplet General Herbicide (Liquid)

5)     12-0-20 ProGreen WINT (Granular)


  • Aeration of all turf areas to slow soil compaction, promote fresh root growth, and retain moisture.
  • Overseeding after aeration to promote growth of new grass.
  • Timing – Spring/Fall

Spring Clean-Up

  • Removal of all debris, sticks, and leaves from turf and garden beds throughout property.
  • Cut down and waste removal of any perennial’s leftover from Fall.
  • Timing – April (weather dependent)

Fall Clean-Up

  • Removal of all debris, sticks, and leaves from turf and garden bed throughout property.
  • Any perennials will be cut down as needed.
  • All waste will be hauled off site.
  • Timing – October/November. This will be weather dependent. Leaf removal may take multiple visits.

Shrub and Tree Maintenance

  • Trimming of any shrubs (8’ tall or less) throughout property.
  • Pruning of any dead or over hanging branches up to 15’ of trees throughout property.
  • All waste is hauled off site.
  • Timing – Late Spring and late Summer/early Fall.

Weed Management

  • Weeding of all garden beds on property along with herbicide spot treatments.
  • Pre-emergent herbicide applied to shrub beds.
  • Sidewalks and pavement cracks spot treated as needed.


Lawn Power Edging

  • Edging of all turf adjoining sidewalks and driveways.


  • A fresh layer 1-2” thick yards of mulch will be added to existing mulch areas around property.

Natural Garden Bed Edging

  • Freshening up of all natural garden bed edges and tree rings, ensuring 3-4” deep where able.

Water Feature/Irrigation System

  • Performance of any Spring/winterization requirements of irrigation system on property.

Annual Flower Beds

  • Planting of seasonal flower beds in the beginning of Spring and Fall seasons.

Shrub and Bed Fertilizer/Pre-Emergent

  • All shrub beds will receive 1 application of slow-release fertilizer (granular application).
  • All shrub beds will receive 1 application of pre-emergent. (granular)

Snow and Ice Management 

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