Watering Instructions for Flowers

Flower watering will take effort! They “drink” water just as we do, more when its sunny and hot, less when its cloudy and cool. The very best way to know when to water your new plant is to get your hands a little dirty. By that, we mean stick your finger about two inches into the soil immediately surrounding your plant. If it feels wet, then your plant currently has the water it needs and won’t require any watering. If the soil feels dry, then you should give it enough water to moisten the soil without making it muddy.

Finger Test

-Stick your finger about two inches into the ground surrounding your plant.

-Determine whether the soil feels moist or dry.

First Two Weeks

-Your plant will require near-daily attention as this is an important time for them. They have just left their cozy homes in their pot and are now living in a completely new environment, your garden bed. At this stage, you should be doing the Finger Test at least once every day to ensure the soil stays properly moist (wet without being muddy). 

First Two Weeks to One month

-By now your plant has mostly adjusted to the nutrient conditions of your garden bed, meaning you can worry just a little less about them. Continue doing the Finger Test two to three times per week to ensure your plant has enough water to continue establishing its root system.

One Month to Three Months

-Your plant has now had ample time to adjust to establish its roots and adjust to the new environment, it may have even made a few new friends in your garden bed. However, you should still be checking your plant using the Finger Test method at least once per week to ensure there is no excessive drying of the soil.


-Water the soil around your plants evenly to ensure all its root receive water

-Avoid wetting the leaves of the plant as this can help diseases develop

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