Watering Instructions for New Sod

By now you’ve got a fresh, green, beautiful looking yard, but it will only stay that way with a proper watering schedule. Now comes the time for you to ensure your investment in a new lawn was worth it. For the first two weeks your sod will need to be consistently soaked, soaked but not muddy. You’ll want to run a sprinkler over the entirety of the area that was replaced with sod (this may require you to shift the sprinkler to provide full coverage) for 10-15 minutes, at least three times a day. After this crucial first period, for the next two weeks, you can relax just a little bit. Your lawn has started to develop its roots! Now, you’ll want to water your lawn 1-3 times per day, however, be sure to check for moisture first as there may be days you won’t even need to water it. At this point your new lawn has had a full month to develop its roots and by now. If you’ve kept up with the watering, they should be healthy and strong. For the rest of this first season, you’ll want to water only when your lawn is dry (as any lawn would require). Now you’ve got your new lawn and you know how to keep it looking great for years to come.

First 2 Weeks

-It is crucial to properly water your new sod for the first month.  Immediately after the installation of sod, soak thoroughly.  Your goal is to keep the soil underneath your new sod wet, approximately 4-6” deep.  If you allow it to dry out during this time it will begin to brown out, shrink, and possibly die.  To achieve this, you will need to water 3-5 times per day. Approximately 10-15 minutes per session, depending on the season and the rainfall.  Do your best to keep this schedule for the first two weeks.  Try to stay off your lawn during this time as to not leave depressions.  At the end of this two-week period, if you have carefully followed these steps your lawn should be ready for a haircut (mow).  Refer to mowing category below.  It is recommended, not to cut your new grass below 2” the first few times. 

Weeks 3 and 4

-During week 3, you can begin to decrease your watering to 1-3 times per day and skip a day if the sod isn’t drying out.  Week 4 bring it down to 1-2 times every other day.   Mornings and evenings are the most ideal times of day to water.

Rest of the Season

-Throughout the first season of your new lawn, for optimal results you will want to give deep watering less frequently. Giving your lawn a deep watering will help the roots stretch and reach for the moisture, developing a deep root system.  Keep in mind after the first two weeks, it is alright to let your lawn dry out from time to time but if your lawn begins to look dry, be sure to water it.  


-When mowing is needed (grass is over 3.5”), remember to make sure you allow your lawn to dry out enough to be able to firmly walk on it without creating depressions.  Be careful the first few times mowing, if any sod is lifted or moves from the mowing, simply put it back into place and it should be just fine. 


If possible, avoid walking on your new lawn during the first 2 weeks.  After the first 2 weeks avoid walking on your new lawn for another month, except when you give it time to dry before your mow. 

-Mornings and evenings are the best time to water new sod.

-Timers make life much easier!

-After 6-8 weeks of the initial installation, you can apply the appropriate nutrients for the time of season. 

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