Watering Instructions for Soil and Seed

The soil has been laid and the seed has been spread. Now comes the time to help the seeds along to becoming your lawn. For the first two weeks, your seeds will need just enough water that they can sprout, but not so much that they’ll drown. This can be achieved by giving them a ten-minute watering session in the morning and evening, daily, until you see the green shoots starting to show. At this point your grass will be looking to establish its root system. The schedule will remain the same for the most part, except now you will want to give them a fifteen-minute watering session in the mornings and a five-minute session in the evenings, for the next three to four weeks. By now your lawn should be looking lush and green and have a well-established root system. In order to keep it looking green it will need one to two inches of water per week, this includes any rainfall that may come so be sure to pay attention to the weather and only water when needed. Keeping your lawn healthy and strong takes dedication and attention; I would tell you “Good Luck”, but if you follow these instructions you won’t need any. 


-Initially, water your new seed approximately 10 minutes each session, two times per day. (morning and evening) Do so until your grass begins to grow.  


-Once the grass begins to grow, increase your morning watering session to approximately 15 minutes, while decreasing your evening session to approximately 5 minutes.  Apply this method for 3-4 weeks.  Our goal is to get the root system to start stretching towards the moisture.  Soo deeper watering and less frequently will help achieve this goal.  


-After the lawn is well established, grass will do best with 1-2” of water per week, including rainfall.  You can let mother nature take her course or help your grass by watering a few times a week.  Keep an eye on the weather and be sure not to overwater.  


-Once most of your grass has reached approximately 3.5-4”, it is time to mow your lawn.  (typically, this takes 2 months’ time from initial seeding) Make sure you skip a day or two of watering before doing so to insure you do not sink into the new lawn area.  Keep your cutting length to 3.25-4” the first few lawn cuts.


-Keep soil moist until seeds have sprouted.

-Timers are a great way to help keep a consistent watering schedule.  They are inexpensive and relatively easy to use.  

-Applying fertilizer after 8 weeks will help give your grass the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

– “Patience” Soil and seed method takes time and will continue to fill in over time.  Grass has an adventitious root system, meaning it will grow more blades from the root system.  So over time with the proper love and care it will continue to fill in.

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