James Jasso

Owner of New Vision Landscaping, profile picture


I founded New Vision Landscaping in 2017 with the vision of providing quality craftsmanship and creating an opportunity for those that are involved. 

Growing up I always wanted to own a business.  I had a name picked out back in high school, it was New Vision Development.  I really didn’t know what that business even would be, but I had a name already!  At the age of 18, I began my landscape endeavors by working for Dorshak Family Tree Service.  Mainly hauling logs and brush on the ground.  Watching the guys swinging from the tree’s inspired me to take it further and learn how to be a climber/tree surgeon.  I soon took on an Arborist position at David J. Frank and gained a lot more valuable experience with a high level of expectations.  From there I took on a position at Spring Gardens, quickly becoming a lead foreman for the construction/softscape side of the business.

I soon found myself working part-time and taking on a fair amount of side jobs (all tree trimming and removal).  I was starting to head in the direction of going on my own but wasn’t sure I was quite ready for that yet.  One evening my girlfriend (now wife) was sleeping over and we were suddenly awakened by a loud noise coming from the kitchen.  I ran over to it and found that the coffee grinder was on. It wasn’t on a timer or anything, it freaked us out a bit.  Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything.  Well, I took that as a sign, “Jimmy it’s time to grind”!  I decided to get serious about the business and created New Vision Landscaping LLC about a month after that.  My nephew Keegan became a partner not too long after and quickly established himself as an integral part of the company.

We met Michael Davis, owner + founder of Emerald Gardens, in our second year of business. Michael and his business focused on design and horticulture, we were a perfect match, being that we focused on construction and installations.  We began working together, combining our strengths creating an incredible partnership.  The foundation of the company was now complete, and we began to quickly grow.

We have since hired exceptionally talented team members that have important roles in the New Vision family.  Gary Heinrichs and Michael Scorsone, to name a few.  We are extremely grateful for every employee and customer that has been a part of this journey!

We look forward to becoming the landscape professionals you come to know and count on!