Company Outings!

Every year, in the Fall, after our extremely busy Spring and Summer months, we like to plan a company trip to thank our employees for all their hard work. Our first ever official company outing was a fishing charter out in Port Washington. We all went out for food, stayed overnight in a hotel, and then woke up at 4:30am for a 5 hour trip out on Lake Michigan. We caught all kinds of salmon and trout, all of which was cut and prepared for us to take home. Most of us got pretty seasick and we had some good laughs about that. It was an awesome feeling to pull in those large fish. Some of us were new to the feeling and some of us veterans, but each of us enjoyed it all the same.

Company Fishing Trip

Vegas Trip Group Photo

This past year, after a successful season, we were able to afford a larger trip for our employees. We took a trip to Las Vegas! We stayed at the Luxor Hotel (the big pyramid!). There weren’t many activities planned so our group split up and did whatever interested them most. Some gambled quite a bit, some won and some lost! Some spent lots of time relaxing in or around the hotel pool. Others took a guided tour through and around the Grand Canyon. We all got together for a large festival on Fremont Street and had quite a difficult time finding our way back to the hotel (which made for some fun stories after the fact). We got to enjoy a few nice meals together as a whole group. It was a great way to build memories together outside of our usual day-to-day responsibilities.