Mike Scorsone

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Ever since I was a child I have been working on cars and small engines, my father and I used to do this together growing up and even then, as I got older, turned to doing it professionally where we opened our own business together.
As time went on, I discovered an opportunity in the landscaping industry that I wanted to try out. I ended up working with them for 6 years and developed a passion for the lawn and maintenance department. Shortly after this, I reconnected with an old friend James Jasso. James then went on to tell me what New Vision Landscaping was all about, and the rest is history.

Currently, I am the maintenance operations manager here at New Vision Landscaping. I handle all the mowing accounts we have, along with maintaining client relationships to ensure our quality and customer satisfaction. Given my background in mechanics I also maintain all the equipment we have, this keeps our employees safe during operation, but also helps us continue to our goal which is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Seeing as I found my home here at New Vision Landscaping, I would like to grow more into sales and challenge myself with all the dynamics that make up this company. I feel there are many ways to grow here, and I consider myself a lifetime employee and honored to be part of this small business family.