Keegan Sonsthagen

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I always had a feeling that college would not be my path to success. Shortly after graduating high school, I joined my uncle Jimmy in the landscaping industry at the small company he worked for. James had been working in the field for many years and taught me almost everything I know about quality landscaping. Outside of our professional work together, my uncle Jimmy has also taught me a lot about responsibility, accountability, and dependability. In 2017, when James decided to start his own landscaping business, he asked me if I was interested in joining him on this endeavor, to which I happily agreed. Throughout our years of growth as a company I have grown much as a person. I’ve taken all I’ve learned from conquering the challenges of running a business and applied them to the challenges of life.

I’ve always felt a need to help the people I care about. Taking part in the business has given me the opportunity to help others while also providing for myself. It is extremely gratifying to give people a space to grow and to earn a decent living. As we’ve grown more successful as a business, we’ve even been able to provide much along the lines of extra gifts and benefits. As we continue to grow, my hope is to provide even more benefits to our employees. Eventually, I would like to see this business become one that helps its employees and helps people in need, in some way or another.