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James Jasso


I founded New Vision Landscaping in 2017 with the vision of providing excellent quality landscaping at a more affordable price. Nearly half of my life has been dedicated to the landscape industry in some form or another. 

I began my career as a tree surgeon and later moved into a landscape construction position.  Looking to further my career combined with the desire to help people. I decided to form my own company with the hopes of it becoming a family business.

Not too long after, my nephew Keegan became a partner and his sister Kailee began working in the office, both proving to be brilliant additions to the company.  Since then, my mother Joyce (retired teacher) has become part of the team, working part-time in the office alongside her grand-daughter.
 It has been a joy and blessing to work closely with my family and all the delightful clients over these few years.

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About Page profile photo Keegan Sonsthagen, Co-owner of New Vision Landscaping

Keegan Sonsthagen


I have spent almost all my working career in the landscaping field. Dedicating myself to learning not only better landscaping techniques but learning more about every aspect of life.
Working closely with James, who has an expansive knowledge of landscaping and an eye for all the artistic details involved, I have become more than competent in most of the landscaping services and will only be learning more in the years to come.
While teaching me the landscaping trade, James has also taught me much about dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

It is because of these qualities I will work until every project’s proper completion. I sincerely enjoy the opportunity to work alongside my family and for all the wonderful people in the state of Wisconsin.

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We are a small team that delivers big results! The two of us dedicate ourselves to continuing education through certifications and training programs. Our goal is to improve year after year and provide you with the best landscape experience possible. We look forward to becoming the landscape professionals you know and count on!

– Our values –

  • We value our customers – We believe that each customer is unique, so we listen closely to their needs and interests to create the most pleasant experience possible through all of our offered services.
  • We value consistency – We believe that consistently spectacular results should be counted on by the customer. It is, for this reason, we ensure every detail is accounted for and that each job is done in a timely and professional manner.
  • We value integrity – We, as professional landscapers, believe honesty to be an important factor in our service. When you can trust that we’re giving you a fair price on quality service, you know the investment in your home will be worth it.



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